Reason for Choosing HostGator

Regarding Hostgator advantages, too much already review about excess. In particular, I will tell here on the advice of a practitioner online business,

Consideration in Buying Hosting
Remember, having a quality hosting is very important, because the hosting that is frequently down will affect your position in the search engines (search engines).

Check how much your site down in one month by using free ping services like Pingdom or something. If you find the uptime of your site is less than 99.5% then it is time for you to move to another hosting service.

Think of buying a quality hosting as an investment, do not be stingy, and do not take the cheap but quality.

I personally use Hostgator or Bluehost. However, for large sites with high traffic and the number of pages that a lot, my advice – hosting the SEO expert’s recommendation, Joost de Valk owners.

The reason I bought hosting at HostGator and very satisfied with it because of the performance Hostgator amazing customer support.

There are times when a hacker using your site at random and for fun – train the ability to hack the larger site.

There are times when we accidentally damage our blog while editing the theme. That’s when you’ll understand how important customer support from a hosting company.

And no, I am not paid to promote HostGator, or I earn commissions by offering discount coupons to you (I have a lot of money) … –