Oct 7 2009

Why Favre why now?

FavreSo many questions not many answers? It seems like everyone has something to say about the return of Favre but very few truly know the real reason for why he has returned. Being a huge fan for over “seventeen years” I have seen the ups and the downs in his career and I can honestly say that I have never seen him better then last Monday night!

Already six weeks into the season Favre has thrown for 837 yards, for 8 touchdowns, and only 1 interception.  Leading the NFL with a quarterback rating of 104.7% Favre could prove to be the answer in Minnesota

Who is Favre? And why did he unretired now? The media has lead us to believe that it’s because he has a personal vengeance against Green bay for choosing to go in a different direction with Rogers before Favre was ready to leave. After last Monday Night I believe that it’s for more then what the media has lead us to believe. During an interview after beating his former team by 7 points Favre said how great his team played and how much further he thinks they can go. Now the game was played in Minnesota so who truly knows how he is going to feel in his return to Lambeau Field on November 1st? One thing is for sure if you think last Monday night was epic just wait you have not seen anything yet!

Now after reading several different blogs about his return and talking with friends I can tell you that the main reason Favre choose to return is to prove to Mike McCarthy and the NFL fans that he is still one of the best at the age of 40.

“One thing is for sure he has given men over the age of 40 hope that it’s never to late”