Last month I was diagnosed with a Disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis at which point I was put on a drug called Enbrel to suppress my immune system. So far the worst part of taking Enbrel has been the ten second injection that I have to give myself each week.

Taking this drug has made me feel very paranoid to be around other people and places that I normally shop at on a weekly basis. My family has even joked around and has gone as far as calling me  (Bubble boy).

So as the first month of being on this drug comes to an end I have found no difference in my pain level and have yet to get sick to see how bad life is with a suppressed immune system “fingers crossed”. I look forward to updating this page weekly in hopes that it might help others that are going through a similar experience and are in need of some guidance to help them though this very difficult time.

Good luck and I pray that you find some comfort in your life after reading my blog.